BorderCup 2015
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„Border Cup 2015”

Floorball Tournament for Men


I Aim


1.1. To promote development of floorball and healthy life style in Valka and its surroundings;

1.2. To establish co-operation with floorball players of neighbouring countries;

       1.3. To find the winner team of „Border Cup 2015”.


II Location and date


2.1.”BorderCup 2015” is held on May 16.-17, 2015, at the sports hall of the Valka gymnasium;

2.2. The tournament begins at 9.30 and matches take place according to the schedule.


III Management


3.1. The manager of the tournament is floorball club "Valka"

3.2. The manager and the chief referee are responsible for the tournament.


IV Participants


4.1. The teams are requested to apply orally by April 15 ( Max - 16 )

4.2. Each team can have 15 players (there cannot be more than three players who are registered at the highest division of the season 2014/15);

4.3. Tournament participants themselves are responsible for their state of health.


V Evaluation


5.1. The tournament is organised pursuant to the official IFF rules. The teams are divided into two subgroups.

5.2. Points are scored in the following way: win – 3 points, draw – 2 points, loss – 1 point, unjustified non-appearance – 0 points (score 0:5);

5.3. If two teams score the same number of points, the higher place is determined by:

   5.3.1 The result of a mutual match,

   5.3.2 The higher score difference in mutual matches,

   5.3.3 The higher score difference in all matches.

5.4   Game shedule will be made taking into account the number of teams. After the closing date game schedule will be available

5.5. If the final and semi-final matches and the match for the 3rd place are draw, the teams shall perform 5 penalties (if necessary – penalties are continued till the first inaccuracy). The same refers to the matches for the 5th and the 7th place.


VI Time limit and other provisions


6.1 The basic time of a match is 1 x 15 minutes. There is a break of 5 minutes between matches.

6.2 In other cases that are not stipulated in the present provisions, the official Latvian Floorball Union rules shall be determinative.



VII Awarding

       7.1  The tournament winner receives a cash prize of 100 euro

       7.2. The teams who have won the first three places are awarded with cups and medals;

7.3. The best player (goals + passes);

       7.4. Surprise prizes.


VIII Applications


       8.1 Written applications with name lists and numbers of players shall be submitted by e-mail by May 10. The captain and the goal keeper shall be pointed out.

       8.2 Participation fee of  100 EUR  the team shall pay to the organiser or at the secretariat by the beginning of the team’s first match.


 Provisions were compiled by Ilvars Rullis, Manager of "BorderCup 2015”

 T. +371 29403241,+ 371 26167093 e-mail:; 



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